Protective Canopy

at Baruch College

New York, NY


Fredenburgh-Mutin Architects


$2.7 Million

A canopy was required to protect the entrance to the William and Anita Newman Vertical Campus building at Baruch College from falling ice and snow. Intensive design requirements included were that the canopy could only minimally block off light and air at the plaza, be simple to maintain and be Architecturally compatible with the building’s unusual curved form and existing materials. This led to a design of a razor‐thin, horizontal curved lightweight stainless steel structure projecting out a maximum of 18’‐ 4” from the building.

The canopy consists of aluminum clad composite sandwich panels with stainless steel face sheets. Tolerances for the panels and steel framing were less than 1/16”, exceptionally high for such construction, to ensure levelness and tight waterproof fit of all components. In addition to wind and heavy static snow loads, the canopy is designed to resist heavy impacts of ice and snow falling from up to 150 feet without permanent damage.