We are a full service professional structural engineering firm offering a wide range of engineering services to our clients with the hallmark of quality, innovation and excellence they have become accustomed to. These services are provided according to a consistent methodology that is efficient to implement while at the same time allowing us to push the limits of creativity in design and deliver exceptional levels of performance in constructability.

Complete Structural Design

Complete structural design involves taking a project from inception to completion. It requires the skill to define a structural design concept and then execute it in the most cost-efficient manner.

Peer Review

Peer review projects are the backbone of the checks and balances system within the structural engineering community. It asks us to take a look at another’s work with a critical eye, and analyze both the successes and the failures to provide another viewpoint on a structural solution.

Value Engineering

Value engineering is the process by which we examine a structural design solution, and through detailed analysis, determine if the job can be improved, and/or enhanced in an effective manner.


Retrofitting a structure has us reimagining a structural solution for a new purpose or added function/ feature, that integrates seamlessly with the existing structure.

Forensic Analysis

Forensic analysis peels back the structural shroud on a damaged structure, and asks the important questions of why, and how.


Demolition might seem like it is self explanatory, but the issues surrounding it are quite deep, especially dealing with building adjacencies that require extensive research, and analysis to provide safe and constructible solutions.

Specialty Engineering

Specialty engineering circumstances are those which require unique and distinctive solutions. They involve unusual projects that challenge an engineer to think outside the box and create intelligent solutions to complex problems.