RSD Engineering, PC has trained and highly qualified staff to ensure the complex demands of its clients are consistently met. RSD always strives to design a structure to complement or enhance the architect’s vision. In this holistic approach, we do not merely view a project as a structural system to be clad or embellished by others. The conceptual phase in every RSD project involves a respect for the architectural intent coupled with a search for the simplest and most elegant structural solution.

This will always be tempered with a consideration of a structural system’s practicality and constructability which we believe ultimately results in the most innovative and successful design. RSD’s engineers will engage with architects and practitioners in other design disciplines to forge a balance between them. Eventually, this synthesis produces a well conceived and economical structure with coordination problems resolved. The company’s goal is to provide each and every client with the fruits of this process; an engineered structure that performs satisfactorily under all loading conditions, is practical and enhances the architectural design by its simplicity.